Impressive Logo Definition of Agriculture Cooperative

Formerly, SHE-KOU was a celery wholesaler in Taiwan. That's why I use celery leaf to be the main element of the logo. Then I gradually transform it to symbolize the other vegetables they also sell. The final leaf integrates farmland to show agriculture cooperative impression directly.

Moreover, I arrange it, and it resembles five-star which represent high-quality products. I want to give the customer a reliable image. It's also like a flower which is an emblem for prosperity. This means a blissful future for the company. 

The color plan uses green as the main color and yellow as an auxiliary color. The green color symbolizes plant, crop, and land, the yellow means the sun. The color changes from yellow to green. In Mandarin language, The changing of colors is called “dung sheng” which means the sun rises in the east which has also has the same pronunciation of the owner's name.